"A Taste of Benevolent" has been transform from sound trailer to a full blown teaser for their debut album "The WAVE", check it out: 

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My part: Producing, recording and mixing.


Updated DGS Sounds


The SOUND page has been updated with a couple of new songs and samples for you to enjoy. 

"A Taste Of Benevolent" - a sound trailer of the swedish metal band Benevolents forthcoming debut album.

"A Singularis Respectu" - is a piece written for movies, games and such. It is basically an adaptation of the previously posted "Sound Of Benevolent". 

"The Sleep" - is a work in progress suitable for many different kinds of areas. A song with just acoustic guitars, bass and drums - basic stuff.

"Indianhjärtan (Intro+Song)" - My contribution to Frölundalåten 2011/2012. Now, including it's intro. 

"Sound Of Mojon Hill" - A swedish Radio Ad for

"Mouchi Monster Song" - A song written for the iPhone App "Mouchimonster Count". 


A Taste Of Benevolent


During the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to record, mix and produce the extraordinary talented band Benevolent, from Gothenburg, Sweden. Finally! on my Sound page y ou can now find "A Taste Of Benevolent" which is like a sound trailer of their forthcoming debut album "xxxx". Listen! and get Benevolented!

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Yesterday HotYogaGBG entered the studio for a record session. Owner Isabel did a great performance. Really looking forward to share some of this with you. In the mean time, check out her website:


Mojon Hill


I've created a Radio Ad for, a site where you can rent apartments in a wonderful quiet Mediterranean village called Mojon Hill. It's in the province of Murcia that is often refered to as "Costa Calida" - "The Warm Coast". Situated in the foothills of the seaside resort of Isla Plana.

You can listen to the Radio Ad (Sound Of Mojon Hill) at my SOUND page! 

And, don't forget to go and visit the site to plan your next vacation, follow this link: Mojon Hill


Sida 9 av 10

Spana in studion

Välkommen till Don Graniolo Sound Studio - inspelnings-, mixnings- och masteringstudio belägen bara 5 minuter från centrala Göteborg. Läget på översta våningen ger studion och kontrollrummet en härlig atmosfär, fylld med en kreativ och engagerande omgivning. Professionell studio utrustad med Avid Pro Tools HD3 och mycket mer.

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Gratis mixning och mastering!

Skicka mig en av era låtar och jag gör en testmix gratis.

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Lyssna till några ljudexempel

Här hittar du ljudexempel från tidigare projekt.

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